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Siva Afi Teine Toa (Mila's My Aganu'u Series)

$25.00 NZD

Teuila is entering her first siva afi (fire dancing) competition and learns about important Samoan cultural values and journeys to the past to find courage and strength.


  • High interest - Siva Afi or Ailao Afi (fire dancing). 
  • Develops cultural understandings and knowledge around important elements of Samoan culture and history. 
  • Stunning illustrations and graphic novel elements, to visually engage readers. 
  • Ideal for all junior, middle and senior primary aged students, families and educators. 
  • Provides safe access to Samoan language, culture and history.

Author: Dahlia Malaeulu
ISBN 978-0-473-57218-1
Dual language picture book, soft cover, 210 x 265mm, 24pp