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Tevita’s Room / Loki ʻo Tevita, ‘Ofa Shares / Ko e loto fevahevahe‘aki ‘a, Paea Spies / ‘Oku sio ‘a Paea (Mila's My Pasifika Series - Tongan)

$25.00 NZD

Tevita’s Room / Loki ʻo Tevita
Tevita’s room is always messy and needs tidying up.
Tevita teaches us how to count in Tongan while taking us on a journey of cleaning up his bedroom. 
Translated by Mele Tonga-Grant 
ISBN 978-1-7386061-2-2

‘Ofa Shares / Ko e loto fevahevahe‘aki ‘a ‘Ofa

'Ofa loves to share with everyone! Ofa teaches us the days of the week in Tongan while showing us how to share with others.
Translated by Mele Tonga-Grant 
ISBN 978-1-7386061-3-9


Paea Spies / ‘Oku sio ‘a Paea 
Paea always enjoys playing games with her friends. Paea teaches us colours in Tongan while playing a fun game of ‘I spy’.
Translated by Mele Tonga-Grant
ISBN 978-1-7386061-4-6

Includes two stories in one book - the first story provides language learning support in English and the second story is the Tongan version of the story. Based on the bestselling Mila’s My Gagana Series 1 released in 2019, these translated versions are a result of the ongoing need and demand for culturally safe and rich language readers from Pacific communities.