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Grandpa's Siapo (Mila's My Aganu'u Series)

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Grandpa and Luka share the same birthday and today they get to celebrate it with the whole ‘āiga. Grandpa is also a storyteller and surprises his grandchildren with a Samoan Siapo that tells a very special story about Sāmoa's journey to independence. 

Points of interest:
- Grandpa's Siapo was written and will be released in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Samoan independence on 1st June 2022.
- Created to help meet the need for more Pacific history resources for our tamaiti, families and schools.
- The only picture story book in the world that introduces readers to historical events in Sāmoa and key Samoan figures who helped Sāmoa to become the first Pacific island nation to gain independence in 1962.
- Develops cultural understandings and knowledge around colonisation as well as New Zealand's historical ties with Sāmoa in a safe and accessible way.
- Beautiful illustrations help to visually engage readers while promoting discussion and further inquiry.
- Includes a historical timeline of Sāmoa's journey to independence with authentic images. Ideal for 10+ year old children, their families and educators.  

Author: Dahlia Malaeulu
ISBN 9780473627720
Picture book, soft cover, 210 x 265mm, 24pp